APX: Acceleration and early-stage funding by Axel Springer and Porsche

‘SSUP! Team 53°N interviewed Jörg Rheinboldt, former business angel and Managing Director of Berlin-based APX – a joint venture between Axel Springer and Porsche.

We met Jörg in an almost empty APX office in Berlin, that houses several of their participating start-ups. “Normally there are a lot more people here, but you come here in a holiday week,” Jörg explained. Although it is meant as an apology, we see it as a very comforting thought that founders take some days off as well. APX is an early-stage investor and accelerator in Berlin, operational since March 2018. Founding teams with scalable, digital start-up ideas are welcomed in their 100-day program and for those who show good traction and can raise a qualified seed round, more seed financing by APX is waiting. After being inspired by one of the quotes on the walls – “I could not find the car that I was dreaming off, so I decided to build it myself”- Jörg explained to us what APX is all about and gave some useful tips for starters.

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ALT FIN – Never too old to be an Entrepreneur

Team Saaseads interview with Machiel Jansen Schoonhoven from ALT FIN. ALT FIN is all about providing loans via funds and fintech platforms for corporates and SMEs.

When and how did you get into the whole start-up scene

“It’s never too late to start a start-up”

After 30 years in Investment Banking, Machiel saw the struggles and changes happening in banking for Small and Medium Entities (SMEs) and decided to provide solutions. Read More

Safari Kid: A new approach to schooling

53°N talked to Philippe Sachs Deputy-CEO of Safari Kid

Philippe was living in Singapore working at Standard Chartered Bank when he realised there was no school to provide the educational experience he wanted for his young children. As an American living in the east with a Chinese wife, he felt strongly that the right kind of school could perfectly marry the academic rigour of the east with the play based, child-centric approach of the West.

In today’s hyper-competitive world, children start interviewing for schools as young as four years old. Getting into the right school at an early age sets children on the long journey to get into the right university and eventually land a good job. So what does this have to do with three year olds? It is increasingly recognised that a child’s formative years are critical to development. The kind of development that gives you not only the analytical skills to become an engineer, but the ability to lead and innovate.

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Hackerbay – Hacking as a source of good

‘SSUP!’s team 53°N interviewed CEO and co-founder Christian Strobl, and Head of Demand Roman Rittmann of Hackerbay, a software and services company from Berlin

We got an hour with Christian and Roman, both self-taught hackers with backgrounds in law and communication respectively, about starting up a tech services company in a tech booming era. Hackerbay has changed direction quite drastically in its short ~2 years existence, from services to consultancy and to software development. “There has been some misunderstanding of what Hackerbay is in the media. Essentially, we are a Software and services company with a focus on manufacturing technology and AI,” Christian explained. Now, Hackerbay has found the right product-market fit and is scaling up fast.

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heycar: revolutionizing the used car market

Team 53°N talked to Markus Kröger CEO of heycar, and Rebecca Schneider Talent Acquisition Manager

Markus Kröger has made a career out of growing businesses, with a history of scaling well-known juggernauts like Delivery Hero and PayPal in Germany. Since September last year he took on the challenge of becoming CEO to heycar, a new subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services, designed in collaboration with Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures. Heycar is an online platform that aims to disrupt the second hand car market by effectively connecting car seekers and dealers. Read More

StuDocu offers you all the study resources you need to score BIG…. On your exam of course!

Team SaaSEAD’s interview with Marnix Broer, Co-founder of Studocu – a platform for students to find the study resources shared by their fellow students. By just typing the name of their university, students can access summaries of books, past exams, and tons of lecture notes.

The idea of a student note-sharing platform was born, perhaps unsurprisingly, in a fraternity while Marnix was finishing his 4th year at Delft University of Technology. Since the beginning, the platform was kept as simple as possible. “Even our first advertising was through silly jokes flyers that really caught attention. We had friends from other cities asking us if we could include their universities on StudeerSnel.nl (StudeerSnel is the Studocu equivalent in the Netherland)”.

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