What is ‘SSUP?

SSUP is a discovery tour of the top 5 entrepreneurial hot-spots around Europe (Paris, London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Barcelona), to interview founders, angels and VCs – to liven-up the student-founder-investor network in Europe and also gain on-the-ground, local insights. We are keen to meet as many inspiring, ambitious individuals as possible – agnostic of venture-stage or fund-size.

Follow updates on this page to keep track of the tour and interesting insights!

SSUP is an initiative of two INSEAD MBA (17D) students Akshay Goyle and Sebastien Barthelemy, supported by the Rudolf and Valeria Maag INSEAD Centre for Entrepreneurship (ICE).

We are also fortunate to have been helped on our blog and social-media setup by the  highly talented fellow INSEAD 17D, Prerna Aggarwal